Does The VHS Tape In shape With The Single DVD?

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Does The VHS Tape In shape With The Single DVD?


When thinking about transferring VHS tapes to DVDs, a single of the most widespread questions individuals question is no matter whether their VHS tape will suit on a common DVD. audio cassettes to digital is dependent. Following you read through the in depth reply below, you may be ready to determine out the appropriate reply for your self.

A common DVD can maintain up to 2 hours of online video. A VHS tape also holds up to two hrs, as you can tell by the huge a hundred and twenty (minutes) quantity on the box. So the brief response is Indeed, most of the time, your VHS tapes will suit on a standard DVD.

Unless of course.

Despite the fact that a VHS tape says a hundred and twenty (minutes) on the box, if you report in extended-perform, you can in shape twice the volume of movie on it, that is 4 hrs of video. If you report in super-extended-engage in, you can match a few instances the sum of online video on your tape, which is six hrs. Recording in lengthy-perform (LP) or prolonged-lengthy-play (EP) gives you decrease quality video, why would folks do that? Due to the fact tapes utilized to be high-priced, and households conserve income when they can squeeze much more property movies into a solitary tape.

Here is another reason why a VHS tape will not suit on a DVD.

Most of the time, folks will not fill the total tape with movie. Most tapes out there only have a couple of minutes of movie. Nonetheless,if you start recording from the very starting of the video clip tape to the very finish of the tape, even on a VHS/VCR tape that says one hundred twenty on the box, you can document an additional 3-four minutes of movie on the tape. Now, this tape will have 123 or 124 minutes of online video and will no longer suit on a solitary regular DVD.

So in summary, most VHS tapes will suit on a common DVD unless one) it was recorded in extended-enjoy or two) it has a lot more than 2 hrs of online video on it.

How can you figure out if your property video tape have been recorded in prolonged-play or has in excess of 2 hrs of home motion pictures on it? The only way to discover out is by popping it into a VCR participant, forwarding it to the conclude (until you want to look at your house film in actual time), and finding out for oneself.

Several of us never even possess a VCR participant any more, what to do? If you are receiving your movie tapes – no matter whether they are VHS tapes, Hi8, 8mm or miniDV tapes – transferred to DVDs at a specialist video transfer lab, the lab report ought to tell you how extended they are, so there’s no need to uncover out for your self. If you are transferring your property films on your possess, you’ll have to get hold of a VCR participant and painstakingly rewind and ahead each and every a single to the conclude to uncover out. Then once more, if you are technologically-savvy and have decided on to transfer your tapes to DVD on your very own, you will need to have to get a VCR-DVD recorder to do the transfer anyway.

Word of tips when transferring online video to DVD on your personal: Be mild, you’re working with fragile, decades aged tapes, rewind and ahead on the sluggish setting so the tape does not snap.

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